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James Avery - CodeMash is going to rock - and he's doing his best to help

James Avery posts that he will be doing a session at CodeMash and he’s offering to buy beer for everyone who attends* !! *See James’ post for details . :)

Introducing Tucker Mathew Hounshell

Introducing Tucker Mathew Hounshell

Monday November 27th at 3:11PM, Tucker Mathew Hounshell came into the world punching, kicking and screaming. We may need to consider singing lessons soon because the boy’s got pipes. And a boxing career is not out of the question - he’s got a mean…

Monday is the big day - Tucker's birth day

Finally - tomorrow is the day. Tucker will be born tomorrow. Yes, we finally settled on a name - yesterday. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I’ll post birth stats and pics as soon as I can. I think the hospital has wireless :)

John Boehner is not broken!

Following the posting of my Google Adsense nightmare , I’d like to expand upon some points I raised about customer service. In 1990 John Boehner (R), the recent House Majority Leader, was elected to the House of Representatives, 8th District of…

Google Adsense Nightmare

I’ve had my GMail account for a while now, two years maybe? Since getting that account I pretty much use it for all things Google - like Adsense, Statistics, etc. I figured that since I was using Google’s stuff I might as well use that same Google…

Joe and I will be presenting Real World CI using CC.NET at CodeMash!

We got the answer we were waiting for today - we will be presenting at CodeMash ! Looks like there is a lot of stuff going on over at the CodeMash site - lots of announcements: Dave Donaldson will be doing an NHibernate presentation. Bill Wagner…

The eternal Mother vs. Father fight for a baby boy name

I think I figured it out - why we have been debating for 8 months and we still haven’t decided on a baby name for our unborn son yet. We actually gave up for about 3 of those months and just recently started talking about it again.  We figured we…

Things are getting nutz around here - baby news.

Agenda for next few days: Tuesday - carpet installed in new bedroom in basement: DONE Tuesday night - move all Jared’s stuff from current room to the new one: DONE Wed/Thurs evenings - clean/prep/paint Jared’s old room multiple shades of pink…

Can I add an inline photo to a blog post using BlogMailr?

Can I add an inline photo to a blog post using BlogMailr?

Yes I can! Cincinnati Reds Opening Day - 2005. (Left to Right) - My brother Jeff, Me, My brother Andy. I know they may have gotten all the looks, but I got all the muscles!  And the brains! Published with BlogMailr

BlogMailr? You're soaking in it

Yes - that’s right. You’re soaking in it. This was posted to my blog using BlogMailr  by just sending an email from Outlook. Nothing fancy, just typed it up and sent it like I was sending an email to you, my lovely reader. Want to know more about…