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Upgrading to Enterprise Library 2.0 (January 2006)

A few days ago I installed the Enterprise Library 2.0 (January 2006) and converted an existing C# ASP.NET 2.0 application (which I had only converted from ASP.NET 1.1 to 2.0 a few days prior) from the Enterprise Library June 2005 bits to the new ones…

Task Manager menu bar missing - is it a virus!?!?!

My co-worker, well respected C# programmer, and world-class civil engineer had a tough time today with his Windows Task Mangager. At one point he found that his Task Manager window was open, but had no menu bar showing.  He called me over and showed…

Ash Wednesday

for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

AK Steel and AEIF Lockout/Strike

As of midnight last night, under the threat of an AEIF (Armco Employees Independent Federation) union strike, AK Steel of Middletown made an aggresive move and locked out its 2700 man labor force. News reports this morning state that the union was…

Highlighting Search Terms

Might be able to make use of this is some of our work - nudge, nudge, wink, wink.  And it is pretty simple to boot. (via Jason Haley’s Interesting Finds )

ASP.NET v2.0 - AppDomain recycles, more common than before

Interesting news here .  Something to take notice of for future reference.  But as one of the commentors stated: “…who would ever create folders and files while the app is running? :) That’s crazy talk, I’m sure only 65-85% of app devs do it.”

Touch-and-go Community Server 2.0 update

Whew!  Just got everything working.  I was getting worried that I might have to roll the site and database back to the backups I made yesterday evening before I started the conversion.  It’s been touch-and-go the last 18 hours (with about 4 hours of…

NewsGator 2.5 is not so bad

I previously protested the new subscription model of NewsGator and their trying to convert me from a product purchaser to a yearly subscriber. I had installed NewsGator Outlook edition on my workstation at home a couple of years ago and I really…

More Community Server fun

I previously reported on my experience installing and modding this site , built on Community Server, to meet my needs. This week I made another modification - I installed the MetaBlog API for CS 1.1 so I could post to the site using various…

First goals of each day

Rory Blyth writes: …and even if you manage to get dressed without hurting yourself, … It’s like he is writing about me! That’s is my #2 goal of the day after: 1 - get into and out of the shower without cracking my skull open