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Add Flair to your photos, too.

Published to Blog on 11 Apr 2007

We ad text ads to our blogs with Google Adsense; we add links to Digg,, and Dot Net Kicks to our posts with FeedBurner FeedFlare; we place ads in our RSS feeds with FeedBurner, Pheedo, or AdBlendr; we do mouseover popups of links and keywords with Snap and others.

Now AdBrite is giving us the ability to add flair to the images in our posts, or images anywhere for that matter, with BritePic. The BritePic site has the tagline, “Bring Life to your Images”. The AdBrite site, though has the following tagline for BritePic, “Put ads in your pictures”.

It is kind of interesting and pretty neat, though. I might give it a shot for awhile, see how it works. Truthfully, it wouldn’t be all that hard to replicate some of the same functionality (that isn’t Flash specific) using CSS and Javascript.

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