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An introduction to my crazy ass dog, Brutus

Published to Blog on 8 Feb 2005

I thought I'd share this little clip of my dog, Brutus, entertaining us.  He is a clown and he will keep it going as long as someone is laughing.  He just ain't right - but we love him anyway.

I apologize for the cruddy clip, but for some strange reason I don't have a DV video cam (probably the price).  This was recorded on my digital camera with no sound. It's too bad about the sound - that's the best part.  So for your full enjoyment you have to keep chanting “Go Brute! Go Brute! Go Brute!...” while you watch.  It's pronounced brew-tay - as in “Et tu, Brute?”.  Dear literary lord, please forgive my butchering of Shakespeare.

So without further ado: Go Brute! Go Brute! Go Brute!...

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