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Ann Arbor Day of .NET recap

Published to Blog on 6 May 2007

I planned on putting together my thoughts on the event, but Mike Eaton beat me to it. He saw the same sessions I did and basically had the same comments I would have made. So go read what Mike said and I’ll just say, “Me, too!“. The only difference was that I did not attend Josh Holmes’ first session because I was still helping out at the registration desk.

Meeting up with Mike and Joe for a couple of hours Friday night was great. Mike and I have chatted here and there when we’ve had the chance, but spending a good two hours shooting the shit over drinks was great. There were a few times where I laughed so hard I was afraid I was going to fall out of my chair. Joe and I always have interesting conversations - hell, we spent 7 hours in the car the last two days and I think the only time we shut up was when we were eating.

I second everything that Mike reported: I still think Dustin knows .NET internals better than anyone this side of Redmond. The guy is crazy smart - and probably just crazy as well. Mark Miller’s presentations are always entertaining. I’ve been following Keith Elder’s blog since CodeMash, but yesterday was the first chance I had to see him speak. He definitely knows his Smart Client stuff. I’ve never played in that world at all, but it is something I’d like to give a try - definitely some interesting stuff.

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