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Back from our Disney vacation

Published to Blog on 9 May 2006

I pulled into the driveway this morning about 4:30 AM after driving for 16 hours from Disney World to home (about 30 miles north of Cincinnati).  The drive wasn't that bad - we once drove from Monterey, CA, to here in a bit over 48 hours - going from Denver, CO to Cincinnati in about 24 hours. 

Enough about the drive - the vacation was nice - about 10 days total.  No internet access, but that was kind of nice, too - I wouldn't have had time for it anyway.  I did have a few hours to myself in the evenings after the rest of the family dozed off, though, so I did get a chance to get caught up on some reading.  I read Test Driven Development in Microsoft.NET by James Newkirk and Alexei A. Vorontsov and Generation Kill: Devil Dogs, Iceman, Captain America, and the New Face of American War by Evan Wright.

I enjoyed and learned a lot from the Test Driven Development book's step-by-step example-driven approach.  I would like to re-read the book while performing the examples myself.

However, I was completely absorbed by Generation Kill. It was actually the first "recreational" reading I've done since I read The DaVinci Code two summers ago while on vacation. The book is the story written by an embedded reporter of a Marine Recon unit during the initial assualt on Iraq (this second time around). It's a good low-level look of the men in the unit, their relationships and their shared war experiences.

One of the first things that I read this evening while going through my email and catching up on blog reading was that Dave Burke, a previously informal Community Server evangelist, has joined the Telligent team as a paid Community Server evangelist. That's great news and a match made in heaven.  Congratulations to DB and to Telligent.

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    • On 10 May 2006 Dave Burke said:

      Two wows! for you.  One, 16 hour drive???  Second wow, 10 days offline???  That's a lot of catching up to do!

      Thanks again for the Telligent congrats!

    • On 17 May 2006 Digging My Blog - Dan Hounshell said:

      I'm sitting here doing some multi-tasking this morning, babysitting the running of some build scripts...