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Published to Blog on 4 Apr 2006

I was reading Dennis Forbes’ post Interesting Facts About Domain Names (via Seth Godin) when I came upon the following excerpt:

Stepping up to four letter sequences, choosing among the 456,976 combinations, yields a vastly greater availability — perhaps the set is a bit too large for domain speculators and their unlikely success with random sequences — with 97,786 showing as open. A quick check verifies that most are legitimately available. “Choice” domains, such as,,, and Adding digits into the mix and there are a massive 1.16 million open domains, so long as you’re looking for something like, or Choose one and then manufacture a ridiculous backronym to explain it._

Backronym - ha ha - that is the first time I’ve seen that.  I don’t know if Dennis is the originator or not, his freewheeling use of it suggests not, but it is great.

Backronym = reverse engineering a proper name to match a predefined acronym.

Beautiful - a new word to add to my dictionary.  It will fit nicely between Back Hair and Basket of Ribs (from Applebees).

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