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Best @TFFRatio Requests, Part II

Published to Blog on 11 May 2008

I received some good response from my last Best @TFFRatio Requests post, plus a request to do another one soon. I aim to please so here goes (again in no particular order):

Josh Ledgard
evolvingWe @tffratio How do I compare to Gretchen now? 09:23 AM April 29, 2008

Scott C Reynolds
scottcreynolds @tffratio what are the chances a girl like me and a guy like you could end up together in this crazy world? 01:05 PM April 29, 2008

Rick Kierner
rkierner @tffratio Ultimate Frisbe was cancelled tonight so I may have a few free hours this evening if you know what I mean ;) 01:52 PM April 29, 2008

Jennifer Griffin
jengriff @TFFRatio It’s always Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. 11:57 AM May 01, 2008

Dustin Campbell
dcampbell @tffratio, how might I work “bacon” into this conversation? 10:45 AM May 02, 2008

Jay R. Wren
sillyevar @tffratio should I restart witty to get the new one? err… wait, that is an 8ball question. 09:39 AM May 03, 2008

Michael Eaton
mjeaton @tffratio I’ve been bad. spank me like I’m @dcampbell and you’re one of his man-groupies. :-) 09:00 AM May 06, 2008

Ang3lFir3 @tffratio tell me how pathetic my life is please :D 01:53 PM May 06, 2008

Steve Wright
underwhelmed @TFFRatio Hey Lois, have you seen my fake beard? 09:19 PM May 06, 2008

Steve Andrews
SteveAndrews @tffratio Two Java programmer’s walk into a bar… 07:31 AM May 07, 2008

David O'Hara
davidmohara @tffratio Go do that voodoo that you do so well! 11:15 AM May 07, 2008

Scott Banwart
sbanwart @tffratio Be honest, is this relationship going anywhere? 03:33 PM May 07, 2008

John Stockton
johnnystock @TFFRatio I’m starting to think you might be cheating on me, you keep talking to a bunch of other guys (a few girls too but that’s ok) :) 03:38 PM May 07, 2008

James Avery
averyj @tffratio You used to call me all the time, but now I just sit by the phone and it never rings 12:29 PM May 08, 2008

Joel Ross
RossCode @tffratio - the peer pressure is just too much. I HAVE to know, and calc.exe is just too complicated! 01:33 PM May 08, 2008

James Shaw
JamesShaw @tffratio Let’s show these momma’s boys how to do it 01:51 PM May 08, 2008

Ryan Walker
rywalker @tffratio can you insult me please? 01:06 PM May 08, 2008

David Redding
dredding @tffratio you’ll ride to dodn with me right? 12:09 AM May 09, 2008

fallenrogue @TFFRatio - why don’t you call when you say you will? I mean, geesh. 12:20 AM May 09, 2008

pandamonial @tffratio james bender wants to tip u ove and takey dey money out 09:23 PM May 10, 2008

Dan Rigsby
DanRigsby @tffratio is it true you eat pirate eggs 10:32 PM May 10, 2008

mikelikesbikes @tffratio can you help @disbrob fix our problems? you’re our only hope. 11:19 PM May 10, 2008

Dan Hibbitts
MobilityMatters @TFFRatio - Are we all Momma’s Boy on Mothers Day? May 11, 2008

Arnulfo Wing
Arnulfo @tffratio who is better than Real Madrid FC? May 11, 2008

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