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Published to Blog on 11 Jan 2007

Joe Wirtley
This is what Joe Wirtley looks like

Michael Eaton
This is what Michael Eaton looks like

Joe Wirtley recently wrote a post explaining why you should have your picture on your blog. I agree with Joe. I would never have known what Michael Eaton looked like so that I could introduce myself to him at the Ann Arbor Code Camp had I not seen his picture on his blog.

Though I have never specifically added my picture to this blog I did recently add rotating images to the top banner, some of which include me. I am the adult male in those pictures, though I am much more handsome than those images give me credit for. In fact, I currently weigh at least 20 pounds less than when those shots were taken, but I’m still a work in progress.

Dan Hounshell
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  • On 12 Jan 2007 "Dave Burke"" said:
    Oh yes, definitely important to have a pic on your blog. You've got a good one, btw! One tip is that if you post a picture you like, it becomes part of your brand and you should use it extensively...especially when you get older and fatter and don't look like that anymore! (Speaking about me, not you... -)
  • On 12 Jan 2007 "Michael Eaton"" said:
    lol. when I checked my daily blogs this morning, this is the last thing I expected to see. -D As for being "the brand"...I have a great slogan I'm gonna start using Be like Mike. Damn, that one's taken! Guess I'll have to get my creative team working on something new. ;-) See you at CodeMash in a week!
  • On 12 Jan 2007 """ said:
    Dave, that is good advice. I better start looking for a good professional-type looking image to start using. I have used the "smiley face with glasses" logo as my brand for a while, but it is in need of some fixing. I originally created it in 1999 and then proceeded to lose the source file. Since then every recreation of it has been a bastardization of some gif or jpg version of it that I find sitting around somewhere. It's starting to look its age. Mike - Creative team?!?!? Wow - now that's impressive.