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Book Review ASP.NET 2.0 MVP Hacks and Tips

Published to Blog on 4 Jan 2007

It looks like I have a couple of hours tonight to be productive. I really want to get some work done on WhatIWantMost, but I have two book reviews queued up that need to be written. I’ll go ahead and do  a couple of short reviews and that should free up my weekend for the project.

ASP.NET 2.0 MVP Hacks and Tips from WROX is a compilation of tips provided by ASP.NET MVPs David Yack, Joe Mayo, Scott Hanselman, Fredrik Normen, Dan Wahlin, J. Ambrose Little, and Jonathan D. Goodyear. Who better to glean tips from than MVPs!?!?

The book is not not an A-Z C# reference or complete primer for Asp.NET nor is it meant to be. It is exactly what the title says it is, a collection of tips that should help you be more productive in your daily tasks. Because of this the target reader should be familiar with developing web projects using ASP.NET and the ideal reader would be a .NET web developer, either professional or hobbyist. Depending on your experience level and knack for gathering these types of things there some things in the book that you may already know or use, but I bet you will at least learn a thing or two.

Chapter 2, “Getting Started” offers some excellent suggestions for organizing your projects/solutions ,including recommending a base class for your pages. Later chapters on providers, debugging, viewstate, cache and deployment proved to be a good refresher and taught me more than a handful of things I didn’t know. Scott Hanselman’s chapter on Http Handlers and Modules was outstanding as well. Any reader of his blog will find him/herself right at home.

The book was a pleasure to read and is one of those that will have to remain close by so that I can pick it up and browse through it again from time to time. I believe that every time I read it I will find something new - like watching a favorite movie.

I highly recommend the book to anyone doing ASP.NET development, especially those that are already fans of the authors - like me :)

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