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Hey Santa, how 'bout that pony?!?

Published to Blog on 19 Dec 2006

Dear Santa,

Is there an age limit on getting a pony for Christmas?  A man in his mid-thirties has as much right to a Christmas pony as a 8 year old girl, right?  My wife says there is an age limit and I am well past it, but she doesn’t know anything. I just wanted to get it from the horse’s mouth.  Ha, ha, ha - “from the horse’s mouth”. Horse, pony. You got that didn’t you, Santa?  If you tell me there is an age limit and I am past it then I will quit asking… eventually.

While I’m on the subject, is there a reason that you haven’t brought me a pony yet?!?!  I mean, come on, after thirty years of writing these letters every Christmas and asking for a pony you’d think that I’d have gotten a pony by now. What does a guy have to do to get a pony?!?! I couldn’t have been on the “naughty” list every f----- year!  All I want is one f----- pony - give a guy a break!!  Oh, … well … um … sorry for that.

How about a nice pair of wool socks then, or a lump of coal will work, too. 

Next year I would like a pony. I promise I will be good.

Yours truly,
Dan H.

Dan Hounshell
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  • On 19 Dec 2006 "Clark"" said:
    You can't have my (very large) pony, but I will let you ride him when he gets old enough.
  • On 19 Dec 2006 """ said:
    Thanks for the offer, Clark. You have all the best "toys"!
  • On 20 Dec 2006 "Ryan"" said:
    I have to say - what can a grown man do with a pony? Lure small children in? On top of that, Wikipedia says "Ponies are sometimes said to be mean, contemptuous, untrustworthy, spooky or devious." I'd recommend refocusing your attention towards a flatscreen HDTV -- you can rent all the "My Little Pony" videos your twisted mind can handle without the "horse responsibilities" )
  • On 20 Dec 2006 """ said:
    The flatscreen HDTV is 1 on my wishlist, but that is destined to be a present from myself! Mom always told me that Santa had a $100 limit. Hmmm, maybe that explains never getting a pony. But other people get ponies. My mom must have just been cheap!!