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Cincinnati-Dayton Code Camp recap

Published to Blog on 26 Mar 2007

Others have already reported on the plethora of excellent presentations at this past Saturday’s Cincinnati-Dayton Code Camp. After all, I am at least a day (more like two) in getting this post out. And I agree, it was awesome. I mean really, really unbelievably awesome. I’m glad I volunteered to work the event and help with registration because I got to talk to a lot of people who I otherwise would not have.

The Great Lakes Region of .NET developers is really unbelievable. Not only do we some of the best and brightest, but these are some of the nicest and coolest people you’d ever want to meet. From our regional Microsoft crew: Bill Steele, Drew Robbins and Josh Holmes to our Dayton and Cincinnati Dev Group leaders: Jim Holmes, Mike Wood to the code camp presenters and all-stars: Joe Wirtley, Dustin Campbell, James Avery, Philip Japikse, Jason Follas, Michael Levy, Brian Sherwin, Nino Benvenuti, Jim Weirich (a Ruby guy, but a great guy nonetheless), Darrell Hawley, Joe Brinkman, Catherine Devlin (a pyton gal, but a very smart lady nonetheless), Michael Eaton, Steven Harman (of VelocIT and Subtext fame), and the list goes on and on. That’s not including a whole bunch of great .NET community folks who didn’t make this event. It is a truly remarkable group of developers and people and I’m proud to be part of the group - or at least a bystander. There’s some heavy hitters in that bunch - nobody this side of Redmond knows .Net internals better than Dustin Campbell. I think Bill Steele has now programmed in every medium from punch cards through a Roomba.  When I think of mobile, I think of Nino. I couldn’t think of a much better group of people to be “stuck” with.

I met Steven Harman for the first time on Saturday, James Avery mentioned SubText project during his MBUnit presentation to the guy sitting behind me. I turned around and to my surprise there he was. I’ve been reading his blog for a while and following the work they’ve done on SubText and BlogML. We chatted for a bit between sessions, covering topics from Telligent and VelocIT to .Text, Community Server, and SubText. We didn’t get into too much of a debate - perhaps we’ll save it for Ann Arbor’s Day of .NET and a beer or two.

BTW, Mike and I discussed an Ann Arbor Day of .NET-eve venture out for adult beverages. Wonder if I should wear all of my best Ohio State gear !?!?!

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  • On 27 Mar 2007 "Steve Harman"" said:
    If I'm able to make it to Ann Arbor's Day of .NET, I'll be sure to dress appropriately -- http// It was great to meet and talk with you this past weekend... and I'm already looking forward to the next event!
  • On 27 Mar 2007 """ said:
    Very nice, Steve. I shall be prepared to follow suit!