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Cincinnati gets the Beer Hall of Fame

Published to Blog on 14 Oct 2004


Cincinnati beat out 60 other US cities to get the Beer Hall of Fame!

Interesting quote from the article:  …when the Germans came to Cincinnati back in the mid to late 1800s they were thirsty. “The per capita beer consumption in Cincinnati was higher than any other place in the country people here just drank a lot of beer.”

Hmmm… things haven’t changed much. 

The only down side is they are putting it in the Tower Place Mall.  Why is that bad?  A few years ago I used to work across the street from the Tower Place Mall - why couldn’t there have been a Beer Hall of Fame in there then!?!  Ahhh, I can just imagine what it would have been like…

I wake up from my drunken slumber realizing that I’ve just spent my fifth night in a row sleeping on my office floor.  If I wouldn’t have gotten demoted from Technical Director to Janitor I might still have some nice chairs in my office or still have carpet.  My back is starting to hurt from sleeping on this concrete floor every night.  Damn that Beer Hall of Fame!

… On second thought maybe things worked out for the best.  But I will make sure that I pay that place a visit from time to time.

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