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CodeMash: Best quote so far

Published to Blog on 24 Jan 2007

"... we may have more in common than we think" from the leader of a Python user group to the rest of the virtual CodeMash Google Group audience.

I tried to avoid the philosophical "we are the world" mumbo-jumbo that surrounded the CodeMash conference. Really, I'm a .NET guy and I was there to learn some .NET stuff and talk to some .NET people. However after about 10 minutes I realized that I was in the wrong mindset. After spending a couple of days talking to a bunch of great people I, too, realized that we were all just the same. Just a bunch of coders trying to get a job done. We may choose different tool sets, but that's the only real diff. Well, not really the only difference - the Python hippies all have much longer hair than everyone else. Just kidding (not really).

So, let's all hold hands and feel free to join in:

We are the world.
We are the children.
We are the ones who (something something something)
Brighter day so let's (something something something) ...

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