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CodeMash Day 1 Wrapup

Published to Blog on 18 Jan 2007

Bruce Eckel’s after lunch keynote speech was great, too. It was all about thinking outside the box, experimenting, and kind of like applying principles from the design world into development. It was very motivating.

After that I attended Ben Carey’s presentation, Beyond TDD: Exploring Its Benefits Beyond Testing. Ben is a very cool dude and very passionate about Test Driven Development. For this presentation he focused on the benefits of TDD that are often overlooked, things like building of team trust, its ability to simplify communication, and how it helps build your project’s documentation. Ben also used a great-looking slide deck that he offered up for use under a Creative Commons license - very cool.

My second session of the afternoon was Brian Prince’s Networking for Nerds. There wasn’t a lot offered up by Brian that I didn’t already know but it was a good refresher and Brian always does an entertaining presentation.

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