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CodeMash My Day II

Published to Blog on 19 Jan 2007

Scott Gu’s keynote presentation on LINQ was great!  As was his ASP.NET 2.0 Tips and Tricks presentation.

Next for me was Dave Donaldson’s NHibernate presentation. Dave’s presentations are always a pleasure to attend and learning something about NHibernate was a bonus, especially since that is one of the things at the top of my list to spend some time working with.

Scott Gu’s ASP.NET 2.0 Tips and Tricks presentation was awesome and I actually learned a few new tricks. He has previously published a lot of the things from that presentation on his blogs, but some of them were new to me. 

Joe and I did our Continuous Integration presentation after lunch. Of the four times that we’ve done the presentation this one was probably the best. This is partially because we expected that most of the attendees would have a basic understanding of Continuous Integration and we would not have to spend a lot of time covering the background material. Whenever we’ve done that presentation for user groups we just had no idea of the experience level of the attendees and had to rightly assume that they’d span the gamut of nothing to experienced.  I think we did an admirable job and people walked away knowing more than when they walked in. Besides a made a couple of funny jokes about the Martin Fowler references in my slide deck.

While waiting for the next session I was able to give Neal Ford a little razzing about having to “compete” with him - running sessions concurrently. He good-naturedly poked back.

The final session of the day for me was Josh Holmes’ Real World SOA. Josh ran off a few people from the session, telling them to go watch Scott Gu, because he would presenting the same session at Detroit and Cleveland soon. I decided to stay - mostly because I wanted to hole up in a corner and eat my lunch that I had previously skipped because of preparation for our prezo. Josh’s explanation of SOA was great and insightful and I think I now have a better grasp on the term and what challenges businesses face in adopting it.

Wrap-up involved handing out a ton of swag, watching Josh Holmes and Brian Prince getting their manes shaved, and a lot of laughter.

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