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CodeMash Recap

Published to Blog on 21 Jan 2007

As I sit down to write this post, ”codemash” is the number #1 searched term on Technorati. To say our little grassroots, non-denominational, cross-platform/language conference was a success would be an understatement. I wrote “our conference”, but I really had little to do with it besides present a session, blog about the conference, and graciously attend. People like Jim Holmes, Jason Follas, Brian Prince, Jason Gilmore, Josh Holmes, Diane Marsh, and anyone else I forgot to mention are owed tons of praise for setting up such a great little conference and keeping things running very smoothly.

With keynotes by Neal Ford, Bruce Eckel, and Scott Guthrie and plenty of session from regional (and beyond) professionals the content was just amazing. In fact, I had planned on spending more time in the speaker’s room rubbing elbows but the sessions offered so much potential that I just couldn’t find any that I was willing to skip. Unlike most, I chose to focus on .NET-centered presentations rather than go cross-functional, but I did check out one Ruby presentation and a Python/TurboGears presentation.

The facilities were excellent - Keith Elder wrote that it was great to have his hotel room a couple of minutes walk away from the proceedings. I couldn’t agree more. And my wife and kids really enjoyed the water park at the Kalahari.  

Because of local events like the Cincinnati-Dayton Code Camp, Ann Arbor’s Day of .NET and now CodeMash I’m not really feeling that I’m missing anything by not going to any of the larger national and international conferences. The Great Lakes region is really turning into a hotbed of .NET activity, not to mention the Ruby, PHP, Python, and Java stuff represented at CodeMash and beyond.

It really was an excellent conference and I look forward to CodeMash 2008.

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