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Comment Spamming Bastard Wiener Bastards !!

Published to Blog on 24 Jan 2005

(the title is a quote borrowed from Rory Blyth)

Thanks to Scott Mitchell’s post today - Stopping Comment Spam in .Text using Triggers, I finally had the nerve to pull the trigger (pun intended) and implement this: Preventing .Text Blog Spam using Triggers.

From my initial testing it looks to work very well. I also implemented the Anti-Referral Spam trigger. If you are running a .Text blog you should check out the articles and implement the code - it will take 5 minutes to do max.

No more removing feedback citing the benefits of Ci@1i5 in the middle of the night for me !!

Now, it’s probably a little dicey for me to spout the functionality of preventing it in the blog where I have implemented that functionality, but nevertheless…


(btw, I am a big Scott Mitchell fan and read each and every MSDN article he writes religiously.  I have even implemented some his code before - specifically his RSS feed code.  If you don’t subscribe to Scott’s blog - you should.)

Dan Hounshell
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  • On 24 Jan 2005 "Dan Hounshell"" said:
    It is working nicely - I like the inclusion of the blog_SpamContent table to hold all the details of the comments that get bounced and the asp page to print those out. I used to hate comment spam - now I kind of like it - or I at least like watching it build in my "BLOCKED SPAM" page.
  • On 24 Jan 2005 "Chrissy"" said:
    Hey Dan ) I feel the exact same way about spam! I hate it until I can control it and then I'm amused as it pours in. I've got an anti-spam script on my Exchange server and a spam box filled with over 14,000 emails (since October). I updated the trigger to support mt-blacklist if you are interested. Oh yeah! Thanks for letting me know about Scott Mitchell's link (I hadnt checked my referers today). I've been a huge fan of since 99.. it's cool to see Scott mention something I've written.
  • On 21 Jun 2005 "Yes! Nice blog for all."" said:
    Yes! Nice blog for all.