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Cryptographic failure while signing assembly ... Access is denied.

Published to Blog on 23 Oct 2006

I received the following error today after installing the newest AJAX Control Toolkit (formerly Atlas Control Toolkit):

Cryptographic failure while signing assembly 'AtlasControlToolkit.dll'. Access is denied.

Seems I had a permissions error. Did a bit of searching on Google and found this post on a blog by R. Aaron Zupancic. That did the trick.

I would have never thought that the permissions error had something to do with the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys folder.

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  • On 25 Feb 2008 Greg Smith said:

    This helped a lot. Thanks

  • On 11 Jul 2008 porksmash said:

    Your website does not work at all in firefox 3

  • On 22 Mar 2009 John B said:

    Yep, that did it for me to. Thank you for finding this, it saved me some headaches today!

  • On 27 Apr 2009 Matt said:

    Good find.  Saved me some time today!

  • On 25 Aug 2009 Eduardo said:

    nice one!

  • On 1 Dec 2009 Diego Guidi said:

    thanks ;)