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Day of .NET in Ann Arbor III

Published to Blog on 12 Oct 2007

Day of .NET in Ann Arbor is Saturday, October 20th at Washtenaw Community College. I’ve attended both previous events and if you live within driving distance you should definitely attend. It’s four hours one-way for me!

This event has offered great regional and national speakers in the past and continues the tradition this fall. I’ll tell you one thing - seeing Mark Miller do a presentation is definitely worth the price of admission (which is completely free by the way!) - the guy is a nut case. And Dustin Campbell draws a pretty big crowd himself these days. I’m proud to say that I sat through his first presentation a year and a half ago when there were only about 10 of us in the room and nobody even knew who he was.

[Remember that, Dustin, I was there before all the groupies and so-called “new friends”! Give me a call sometime, we’ll reminisce. Sorry about those 20 voice mails last Saturday night - it was a rough night for me. No, I don’t really hate you. I was just, um, kidding. Call me. I’m glad you didn’t renew the restraining order - I can’t wait to see your presentations next Saturday. Call me.]

Anyway… [despite Dustin’s lack of respect for anyone’s feelings but his own,] it ought to be a really good event. Check it out if you get a chance:

Day of .Net October 20, 2007 - See You there!

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  • On 12 Oct 2007 "Jay R. Wren"" said:
    Dan, if it makes you feel any better, he treats his "new friends' the same way. ignoring emails for months on end. Replying with, "yeah, we should get a drink" and then proceding to ignore all the emails in which you try to hammer down a time. its all dustin's fault!
  • On 12 Oct 2007 """ said:
    Good, Jay, I thought it was just me - despite what my team of psychiatrists keep telling me.
  • On 24 Oct 2007 "Keith Elder"" said:
    Don't worry Dan, I hear Dustin doesn't even have the common courtesy to give a reach around. )
  • On 24 Oct 2007 """ said:
    he he he He did give a good presentation about the new System.AddIn namespace on Saturday, though!
  • On 25 Oct 2007 "TrackBack"" said: