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Dayton .NET - James Bender on Building SOA-based .NET Apps

Published to Blog on 26 Sep 2007

It’s once again time for the monthly Dayton .NET Developers Group meeting.

Tonight’s speaker is James Bender (hmm, we need to get James using Community Server) of Quick Solutions. He will be discussing “Building SOA based .NET applications with Microsoft Patterns & Practices Service Factory”.

Abstract: Provide a brief overview and discussion of DSL’s and how the concept of DSL’s has been realized by the Microsoft Patterns & Practices group in the form of Software Factories. Demonstrate how the Service Factory allows developers to quickly create SOA based applications utilizing either web services or WCF in a quick manner that instills best practices and reduces the opportunity for developer error, but can be customized to suit almost any development situation. 

Sounds like a great presentation. I will be there, how about you? If you haven’t been to a Dayton .NET Dev Group meeting before you should give us a look. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll learn something to boot. The meetings take place at the Max Technical Training facility in Miamisburg/Springboro. Tell ‘em Dan H. sent you.

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  • On 26 Sep 2007 """ said:
    It looks like I will not be attending the Dayton .NET Dev group meeting tonight. I have a choice between it and the Microsoft Halo3 Release Party. Tough choice, but I have to go with Halo3 this time around!
  • On 27 Sep 2007 "Clark"" said:
    Got kind of excited when I saw James Bender was doing a presentation. Wrong one.. That would have been a hell of a thing..
  • On 27 Sep 2007 """ said:
    Clark. Ha Ha. I know what you mean. The first time I heard someone mention his name at a conference I started looking for him. I wasn't completely surprised when I found they were not one in the same.
  • On 27 Sep 2007 """ said:
    I caught quite a bit of grief this morning after posting about the user group meeting and then not showing up. All I have to say about it is 16 year old boys (like mine) do not think that their dads are all that cool anymore. Taking your son to a Microsoft sponsored Halo 3 release party wins you a lot of cool points.