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Do you remember the Sharkbytes HO Association?

Published to Blog on 6 Jan 2010

First, I feel obliged to explain that the HO association was not organized prostitution. In this case HO is a shortened version of “Horse”, the basketball game played on playgrounds worldwide. Second, I would not expect you to remember SHA unless you were fortunate enough to be a member of the Sharkbytes team circa spring/summer of 2000. Wow, I cannot believe that was nearly 10 years ago. We had a Nerf basketball hoop setup in our office and rather than play full games of Horse, we’d play the much shorter game of HO. Plus it was much more fun to say “Let’s play HO” or “Let’s play, HO”, whichever you preferred. Our pickup games eventually morphed into semi-formal league play. I don’t recall who the reigning champ is: my guess is Ryan, Clark or Ken. Ryan usually fired anyone who beat him so he’d regain his spot once they walked out the door. Just kidding, or course (I think).

Anyway, I stumbled across this Word doc last night while cleaning out some old files. It brought back lots of good memories. I think some of you will get as much of a kick out of as I did.


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  • On 7 Jan 2010 "Ryan Walker"" said:
    4 things 1) I am still the defending champion 2) On New Years, I went to a party that had like 10 games, one of which was Nerf free throw shooting - I was the only one of 16 people who hit 10/10 ) 3) I can't believe you still have the word doc! Awesome 4) Hey good for you that you weren't left in the unranked mentionables category... 7 is very.... good.... You rock Dan, thanks for digging this out!
  • On 11 Jan 2010 "Ken"" said:
    If we don't hear from Clark in the next 15 minutes, it is assumed he forfeits all claims to the 1 contender title. At that time I will assume all rightful duties/responsibilites of the Number 1 Contender and therefore await a challanege. Ryan - rememebr to adjust your shot for the Achilles
  • On 12 Jan 2010 "Dan Hounshell"" said:
    ha ha ha. Nice, I hadn't thought of working my way up the list!