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Eric A. Duncan's MiXX PostIcon rocks!

Published to Blog on 21 Dec 2006

If you’re reading this post from my site rather than through RSS and you happened to come via the home page or some other post listing page then you may have seen the new post icons listed beside some of the post titles. How easy was it to do that?

Eric A. Duncan’s MiXX PostIcon package rocks!  Really, something so simple to setup and deploy should not be able to deliver such visual deliciousness to a page. Now of course my out-of-the-box site design is nowhere near as good looking as Eric’s site. But still - it’s a little better now.

Along with this addition, I also recently added Dan Bartel’s Google SiteMap module and implemented SnapPreview

My Community Server site never looked so good!

Dan Hounshell
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  • On 21 Dec 2006 "Eric A. Duncan"" said:
    Thanks Dan! Your homepage looks just fine. ) Here's an idea though, just to see how it looks. Try editing your View/View-Home.ascx and add the DisplayExcerpts = "true" to the EntryListContainer (or it may be in Skin/Skin-EntryListContainer.ascx). This will strip that business from your post, and display only three things The PostIcon, 250 characters of non-formated text, and the Tags. Nice, clean, simple.
  • On 21 Dec 2006 """ said:
    What a wonderful idea. I have looked at a couple of sites recently that only show the excerpts and I think I like those a little better. Definitely helps to clean up the look a little bit. I will give that a try, thanks for the tip. I have wanted to put together my own skin for a while, but I have been postponing it because the upcoming release of CS 3.0 and the new skinning functionality. I really like the look of Erics site and Dave Burkes site and I like the new skin Scott W. is sporting on his site, too. For now I think I will just do a custom image at the top of this theme. I have a great one in mind.
  • On 22 Dec 2006 "Eric A. Duncan"" said:
    I'm changing the navigation on how Community Server works in my skin. Right now, it's using the built-in navigation bar. Also hidden on my skin (hidden with stuff) are the Tags and Archive normal modules that you see on your blog and others. I felt it was too busy with those items, so i got rid of them (since people actually clicking on tags is extremely rare). What I am moving to is a 100% blog-post-list site, from the navigation bar (haven't come up with the concept name). But baiscally, I need to simplify my webpage much more for my viewing audience (parents, old friends, and other people non-technical). I am doing this by replacing the Navigation menu with a Tag Navigation menu - allowing me to assign the top 8/10 tags I want in the Navbar. For example Photos, Articles, Geek Stuff, Downloads, etc. Those will be tags I tag my blog posts with. For example, Photos. Right now, I have 1000s of photos to upload. And I always write a blogpost/story about the image set. So I will tag the blog post with the tag "Photos". This will allow you to click Photos in the navigation, and then filter all posts with tag Photos - in the same Blog Skin view that the rest of the site utilizes. Since I am on vacation, I might have time to actually do this now. )
  • On 22 Dec 2006 """ said:
    Those sound like some awfully fun and useful mods. I can't wait to check it all out once you get finished.