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Eye Opening Vacation

Published to Blog on 30 Mar 2005

Rory posted yesterday about his vacation revelation.

It was interesting reading for me as I had the same experience last summer while taking two weeks off to visit Charleston, SC.  I checked my email twice while I was away - just to make sure there were no emergencies, but it was a little bit of work to do so as I didn't have a laptop with me and I had to wait for the hotel's facilities to be unused. 

It really was an eye-opening experience for me.  Combined with the couple of times that I played golf last year, I realized that I do really like some other things more than sitting in front of this keyboard day-in and day-out pumping out code.  (Not that I don't love coding - I really do - if I wasn't getting paid for it I'd do it for free!).  For the first time in my life I thought about how nice retirement might be.  At 35 I'm probably still a little too young for that, but ...

A nice vacation is great for really bringing the big picture into perspective.

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