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football is back

Published to Blog on 10 Aug 2004

and I am so glad, even if it is just pre-season.

I “watched” the entire thing.  Actually, the TV was just on and I glanced up at it from time to time. 

In all truthfulness, I was reading Web Design on a $hoestring by Carrie Bickner.  It is a very good book and I am smarter for reading it.  She shares her experience and research of building websites on budgets.  She tells how to get the most bang for your buck and where to spend money and where to “shave” corners.  - I dare not say “cut corners” - nobody in this business would advocate that :).  Anyone in charge of build a web site or remodeling a first generation site for a small to medium sized company should read this book.

I rarely read a light, refreshing technical book, but this was one of them.  I also rarely recommend tech books to others, but once again, this is one that I highly recommend.

I also have another book from the same publisher/series - the New Riders Voices that Matter series.  I am pretty impressed, and I am thinking about ordering some additional titles from that series.  I have never been a publisher-loyal book purchaser, other than the ASP WROX books, but I may become one with this series.  I like the clever writing, the book layout, and the tone taken by the author is like talking with a colleague instead of teaching or preaching.

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