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Get yourself some Graffiti

Published to Blog on 6 Dec 2007

I mentioned in my last post that a private beta for Graffiti would be available soon. As my comrade Jayme stated, “So much for ‘private’ beta - get it now at !” That’s right, you can get your own grubby little hands on the beta version of Graffiti right now and see what we’ve all been talking about. You yourself can experience “Content Made Simple”! Sorry, did I take I take it too far? Pour it on a little too much, did I? Once you get it you’ll know why I’m so excited.

For more information about the release of Graffiti and what it means to Telligent and Community Server see Rob Howard’s recent blog post.

While you’re at it make sure you check out the Graffiti Docs site, which is built on Graffiti of course (great looking theme, too - I might have to “borrow” that one for my own use). The team has done a great job of building the documentation while building the product.

Give Graffiti a test drive and let us know what you think.

Dan Hounshell
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