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Gmail Invitations in Search of Friends

Published to Blog on 3 Sep 2004

I have four available Gmail invitations.  I need to find friends to give them to - seems I only have two friends!  :(

It's pretty sad that I have more Gmail invitations than I have friends.

First four people commenting to this post will receive an invitation.

One additional condition - you have to promise to be my friend... my best friend... forever...

Dan Hounshell
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  • On 3 Sep 2004 Phil Voysey said:

    err,, am I a friend? I hope so

  • On 3 Sep 2004 Phil Voysey said:

    Oops, and I promise to be your friend... my best friend... forever...

  • On 3 Sep 2004 Dan said:

    Invitation has been sent. Phil is my new best friend !

  • On 3 Sep 2004 Phil Voysey said:

    Thanks Dan, invite received and greatly appreciated.

    Tried to get one a week ago but seemed to be 'exclusive' & thought I'd never figure how to be invited. Great!

    PS: I'm slow with (some) new stuff and only recently (10days) got into RSS & Atom clients. You came with Sharpreader (I think/I'm sure) and when your message popped up fro the tray I leaped at it.

    Which reinforces my first impression of feeds - what a powerful networking tool. I can't get into IRC or any chat but feeds, especially of select blogs, are another dimension to the web I didn't see coming.

    So, you've got three friends. More than some.

  • On 3 Sep 2004 Helen Kiunisala said:


    Would luv to be your friend -- and of course would also like a Gmail invite :)

    But being a friend first is what this is all about, right? Gmail I can take or leave - but can I take it, nevertheless??

    Thanks in advance, Helen

  • On 5 Sep 2004 Dan said:

    Invitation has been sent, Helen. Helen is another new best friend !