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Google Desktop uninstalling already? Not surprising.

Published to Blog on 21 Oct 2004

I read a post by Matt Hawley yesterday that he was uninstalling the Google Desktop because he had some security concerns and he specifically pointed to this post by Franci Penov.

Those are exactly the type of reasons that I didn’t install it in the first place.  I read a couple of blogs about how great it was and how when you did a search on google it would append search results from your desktop, email, browser history, etc, into your search results from Google.  I guess that’s kind of cool, but usually when I’m doing a search on Google I’m looking for something on the Internet not something on my hard drive or in my browser history. To each his own, but I’ll pass - thanks, anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Google hater.  To the contrary: I love Google and I applaud any ventures they take into unknown territory.  The innovations they create will only help further the computing community in general and the Internet community specifically. 

I’m just not an early adopter and I figured I’d pass on this one especially when I read something about whenever you launch a browser window one of the Google dlls is loaded into memory.  My first thought was “What? Really?”. The author of the article seemed pleased by this but I was… well… kind of appalled.  Sounded too much like being watched all the time.  To tell you the truth: I don’t play ‘dat, homey.  I think I’d rather have the inconvenience of not not being able to search “everything“ all at once than to tightly couple my browser and my operating system to Google.  In fact I just recently switched from IE to Firefox with one of the reasons being to avoid the coupling of the browser to the OS - I don’t really want to install something else that effectively takes me two steps backward. 

UPDATE - 10/21/2004, 6:01 PM

found this gem in an article on slashdot

Google Desktop Spam finder (Score:5, Interesting)
by khendron (225184) on Thursday October 21, @04:25PM (#10591699)
My big problem with Google Desktop Search is not the privacy issues, but the fact that it indexes all my email. By that I mean ALL my email, including spam. It is rather annoying to perform an seemingly innocent search and get the first hit being “Bu|y V|agra , Us|e you|r B|G D|CK!” Especially if my manager is looking over my shoulder.

True.  True.

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  • On 22 Oct 2004 "Clark"" said:
    I gave it a shot and it was hella fast when searching e-mails, but I have a pretty good system for finding emails, so i decided to turn it off.