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Google's Matt Cutts' SEO Tip Videos

Published to Blog on 2 Aug 2006

I promise that this isn’t turning into an SEO blog, but I mentioned before that I have some SEO interest, as we all should.

Matt Cutts, Google’s SEO insider, put together several nice videos this week where he answers email questions and provides tips like:

  • qualities of a good site
  • SEO Myths
  • Dynamic vs. Static URLs
  • geotargetting
  • site architecture
  • redirecting
  • supplemental results
  • duplicate content
  • the effect of Google Analytics on rankings
  • the difference between a google index update, algorithm update and data refresh

Each video is about 4-5 minutes long, so it will not take too much time to watch them. Check them out: Sessions 1-3, Sessions 4-6, Sessions 7-8

I hope there are more to come.

(via Darren Rowse)

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