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Happy Telligent Anniversary, too

Published to Blog on 1 Jun 2007

I almost forgot until I read Kevin’s post that today is Telligent’s 3rd anniversary. I remember the day I first read about the forming of Telligent and about Community Server.  That was a special day for me because on that day, 3 years ago, I knew I wanted to be a Telligenti. Since that time I have followed the news and the blogs of every Telligenti that I could find. (It seems that I missed Rob’s post about the Telligent anniversary that Kevin linked to. Rob also links to his original post where he announced Telligent - nice.)

Happy anniversary to you too, Kevin. And congrats on the Freestyle - wow, what a birthday present!

How is that I have missed the Unprofessional Community Server site?!?!? Have I been living under a rock? Oh yeah - I have. That’s about to change brothers and sisters because I’m catching up on my blog reading now and there are some cools toys that I want to play with like Community Server 2007 and Silverlight - probably not in conjunction, but maybe :)

Like Kevin, and the rest of the cool kids I am posting this from the new Windows Live Writer. The last version was okay, but this one is really nice. I might have found a blog authoring platform that I like better than the Community Server control panel. I’ve tried a lot of them but I keep returning to the trusty ‘ol Control Panel.

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  • On 1 Jun 2007 "Kevin"" said:
    Hehe, thanks Dan! I had the same feeling when I read Rob's blog in 2004 about the formation of Telligent. BTW, the unprofessional CS site was a smart-ass one I threw together not long ago to parody Jose's site. I haven't really publicized it before today P
  • On 1 Jun 2007 """ said:
    Whew, I don't feel so bad then about not hearing about it. Very nice work!
  • On 1 Jun 2007 "communityserver相关博客聚合"" said:
    I almost forgot until I read Kevin&39;s post that today is Telligent&39;s 3rd anniversary. I remember
  • On 2 Jun 2007 "Tim Laughlin Delicious"" said:
    ASP.NET Ajax and Community Server JavaScript Comment Stripper Task not found - Dave Burke (tags CommunityServer
  • On 3 Jun 2007 "Dave Burke"" said:
    blog bits Bill "The Bruiser" Bosacker lists all of the cool features of his new CS2007 Event
  • On 3 Jun 2007 "Dave Burke's Community Server Bits"" said:
    Telligent turns 3, which means that 3 years ago Community Server began to take form through the melding