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Hello from CodeMash

Published to Blog on 18 Jan 2007

Neal Ford’s keynote presentation on Domain Specific Languages and Language Oriented Programming was great. Neal is a great speaker and a very smart guy!  In fact, I’m sitting beside him in the speaker’s room right now listening to him shoot the breeze about old Delphi days and some past presentations.

Last night’s Language Panel was excellent as well. Listening to Bill Wagner, Neal Ford, Bruce Eckel and more talk about their favorite features in different languages and where languages fall short was a great experience.

Some cool stuff going on here: one of the sponsors is doing a coding contest on location for attendees with cash prizes. Josh Holmes and Brian Prince have challenged the bloggers amongst the crowd with offers of shaving their heads on stage at the end of the event. Lots of cool sponsor giveaways: at least 2 XBOX 360s, a Nintendo Wii, at least one Zune, a couple of IPod Nanos, and much more.

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