March 07, 2007

How many ad networks/services are there?

Following my last post where I questioned the value of building an ad engine for my own purposes, I began doing a little research on the different ad networks/services to figure out what it would take to support the more well known services. I knew of a few of them because of past experience in the arena (Adsense, Commission Junction, DoubleClick, Kanoodle, etc.), but I wasn't ready for what I discovered. Beyond the top couple of companies the market is huge and relatively unknown, at least to the layperson like myself. 

Below is a list of all the players that I have found over the last couple of hours. I cannot vouch for any of them at this point, but it would make an interesting exercise to try all of them and report on the experience and level of success with each one. Some of them seem to be more preferred than others based on their prevalence on blogs in general and professional bloggers' sites specifically. Google Adsense seems to be the king of the hill, while others like Azoogle Ads (AzAds), Kanoodle, and a newcomer - AuctionAds - fight for a distant second, third, fourth ... place. I found most of them from following links from high profile blog sites, but I also learned about some from Darren Rowse's post, "How Bloggers Make Money from Blogs".

This list includes pure Ad Network services along the lines of Adsense as well as well-know affiliates like Amazon and Monster. Additionally, some of the services listed are only in beta at the time of their listing here and may not be open to the public (like Microsoft's AdCenter, Feedburner, and YPN).

Advertising Networks / Services

Adtegrity (added 4/16/07) (added 3/17/07)
AdVolcano Ads
Affiliate Power Ads
AVN Ads: Adult Ads
AvantLink (added 3/27/07) - seems to have some nice features that others do not
Blue Lithium (added 4/16/07)
Burst Media (added 4/16/07)
Casale Media (added 4/16/07)
ClickXchange (added 3/27/07)
ClixGalore (added 3/27/07)
Commission Junction
DarkBlue (added 3/27/07)
The Deck (added 4/16/07)
FeedBurner - FeedBurner Ads for Blogs and Feeds
Federated Media (added 4/1/07)
GoldenCAN - (added 4/18/07) affiliate data feed, coupon, and search integration solution
Google AdSense - Read my My Review
Gorilla Nation (added 4/16/07)
Hydra Network (added 5/2/2007)
Kolimbo (added 3/27/07)
Kontera ContentLink (added 4/5/07)
LinkConnector (added 3/27/07) - (added 3/9/07)
LinkWorth's LinkWords (added 3/8/07)
Lake Quincy Media (added 3/27/07)
Microsoft AdCenter
Miva MC
NeverBlueAds (added 3/27/07)
Performics ConnectCommerce (Added 3/23/2007)
ShareASale (added 3/27/07)
Share Results (added 3/27/2007)
Team Link Network (added 4/13/07)
Text Link Ads
Tribal Fusion
Vantageous (added 4/16/07)
ValueClick Media
Vibrant Media - intelliTXT (added 3/27/07)
Yahoo Publisher Network

Site/Store Affiliates 

CareerBuilder - email for into
Chitika, Inc.
Bravisa - similar to Chitika Shoplincs and Amazon's aStore
HiddenNetwork - Jobs (added 3/9/07)
HubPages (added 6/9/08)
Reactee T-Shirts (added 1/26/08)
RegNow (added 4/10/07)
Shopzilla (Added 3/31/07)

Paid Reviews

Blogsvertise (added 4/1/07) - a mix between sponsored reviews and traditional banner ad placement
CREAMaid (added 4/3/07) - appears to be similar to sponsored reviews
inBLOGads (added 4/3/07) - appears to be a mix between links and sponsored reviews
Pay Per Post (added 4/1/07) - similar to sponsored reviews.
SponsoredReviews - get paid to write reviews on your blog (added 3/14/07)
ReviewMe (added 4/2/07) - similar to sponsored reviews and the others.


BlogBurst - (added 4/5/07) get your site added to major media sites, top blog sites earn rewards. 
Eurekster's Swicki - (added 4/18/07)
AGLOCO - (added 5/2/2007) get paid to use the internet
MPire's Shopping Widgets (added 5/15/2007) - easy to add widgets to add shopping related content to your blog or site. They say the publisher will get 100% of profits

Please let me know if I have missed one of your favorites and I will add it to the list.



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  1.  avatar jjackson says:

    don't forget about LinkWorth. their new contextual PPC called 'LinkWords' is making me money.

  2.  avatar says:

    Thanks, jjackson. I will look into LinkWorth's LinkWords and add that to my list.

  3.  avatar Dave Burke says:

    This was a great post, Dan.  If I were to ever to use advertising, I'd consult this post first.

  4.  avatar says:

    Thanks, Dave. Like a lot of these things it started out as me wanting to post it here so I'd have it someplace for my own reference. Good to know others find it useful, too.

  5.  avatar Eric Chen says:

    The only ad network I have ever had success with was They are more of a site repping company, but if you can get in with them they are pretty solid. Customer support sucks, but they pay well.

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  1. Dave Burke says:

    blog bits If you need to deploy localizable email templates, J-O Eriksson just saved you a ton of time

  2. No, I'm not starting another project and I'm not starting another blog series. First I had a problem/question/idea

  3. blog bits If you need to deploy localizable email templates, J-O Eriksson just saved you a ton of time

  4. Telligenti Dan Hounshell with a follow-up post on Ad Networks and Services, listing a whole bunch of

  5. In a previous post I listed out all the ad and affiliate networks and services that I could find. Since

  6. In a post a few days ago I posed a rhetorical question as to whether I could get ads in my RSS feeds

  7. In a post a few days ago I posed a rhetorical question as to whether I could get ads in my RSS feeds

  8. In a post a few days ago I posed a rhetorical question as to whether I could get ads in my RSS feeds

  9. Information I have learned while doing some research about advertising on blogs or on the web in general.

  10. TrackBack says:
  11. The basic idea of new services like Blogsvertise, PayPerPost and SponsoredReviews is they match up bloggers with advertisers who are looking to build traffic to their site. Bloggers simply write a review of the product/site the advertiser is promoting

  12. Wait til you read Adsense Arbitrage Voodoo. You wont be able to wait to put the ideas into practice.


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