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I am a writer (depending on your definition)

Published to Blog on 5 Mar 2007

I am no Mike Gunderloy, but …

In addition to my nearly daily writing for this blog(1), I have also done some writing and technical reviewing for a couple of publishers over the last year. Though I’m not ready to commit to anything yet until I get some of my free time back(2), I plan on doing lots more of the same in the near future.

In the mail this morning I received a check for some writing I did a few months ago.  This is the first time I’ve been paid for a contribution in something besides free copies of the book, magazine, etc. It was not a lot, but for me it is a big deal. Perhaps in my mind I’ve crossed the threshold on my way to becoming a real writer. Probably not, but I’m going to photocopy the check, frame it and hang it on my office wall anyway!

I know some of you veterans like Wyatt, Jim, and James are laughing at my giddyness, but today is a little like the day I got my first paycheck at my first programming gig. I couldn’t believe they were actually paying me to code!  They were paying me to do something that I loved and do as a hobby! Now I can even write about something I love and do for a hobby - and sometimes I’ll even get paid for my drivel!

Now if only I could get paid to sit on my ass and/or play XBOX.

(1) - Kyle reports that I create 0.6 posts/day. 

(2) - 3 month olds seem to suck up any free time that you previously thought you had.

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  • On 6 Mar 2007 "Kyle"" said:
    Congrats on the check! And by the way ... reader trends shows you are now at ~0.7 posts/day. )
  • On 7 Mar 2007 "Jim Holmes"" said:
    Congrats on the check. Seeing the first check for writing is pretty cool. I know I was sure giddy over mine -- oddly moreso than actually getting the books dropped off on the doorstep! (And thanks for writing for our book!)
  • On 7 Mar 2007 """ said:
    Thanks Kyle - good to know I'm batting my average. Jim, it was my pleasure. I hope to contribute to the next as well.