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I cannot believe she has put up with me for 18 years!

Published to Blog on 3 Jan 2007

Today is our 18th wedding anniversary. I can hear all the gasps now. I know what you’re about to say, “But Dan, you look way too young to have been married for 18 years.” Yeah, well, it’s a gift - good genes. Or maybe it’s just the acne.

We were married January 3rd, 1989. I was 18 years old and on holiday leave from basic training. With our unbridled youthful exuberance we found it imperative to hurriedly tie the knot - making the decision that morning and being married by that evening.

We don’t regret it one bit (or at least I don’t!). Unfortunately my poor wife never got her fancy wedding and to date we still haven’t had a real honeymoon. I was thinking this morning that by our 25th anniversary the baby will be 7 so we could probably safely sneak away for a nice cruise for a few days. The fancy wedding will have to wait a little bit longer.

And yes, I still love my lovely young bride as much today as the day we were married. More so even.

Dan Hounshell
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  • On 4 Jan 2007 "Kyle"" said:
    Sorry for being so tardy. I'm just now catching up on your blog... Congrats on your 18th anniversary! I think it's awesome you guys have been together that long. Hope you can get a babysitter and take some time to celebrate. )
  • On 4 Jan 2007 """ said:
    Thanks, Kyle. We did get a babysitter for a bit and went out to a very nice and fancy dinner!