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I like the XM Radio!

Published to Blog on 26 Apr 2005

A few months ago my wife and I purchased a new GM vehicle - our first minivan to be exact.  I know, like all of you I said that I would never do such a thing.  I was shocked by my actions, but it makes a lot of sense.  Since we want to keep the vehicle for a while and we purchased it mostly for the luxury of having more room and a more comfortable vehicle we decided for the first time in our lives to actually spend money on accompaniments and accessories - leather, DVD system and stereo upgrade w/CD changer, OnStar, heated seats, remote start, etc.  The kids love it - DVD entertainment system, 2 channel wireless headsets, and all.  The little girl can be watching Nemo and listening to it on one headset, my son can listen to a pop station on another headset and my wife and I can listen to XM Radio’s Comedy XL (channel 150) on the main speakers.  It is great!

The vehicle came with 3 free months of XM Radio. I have since become a subscriber for an additional year.  At about $130 for a year it is a pretty good deal.  I love XM Radio.  I have discovered a couple of stations that I really like, including the previously mentioned Comedy XL; some good alternative stations: Fred, Ethel, and Lucy, Squizz and XMU; and of course the 80’s and 90’s channels.  It is nice to be able to drive out of town and still have your favorite radio stations available. 

When I started my subscription I discovered that I could use XM Radio online for no additional charge.  Now I can listen to all my favorite stations while sitting at my desk.  I had been using Musicmatch Radio, and while I like it, XM Radio online beats the pants off it.  The nice thing about XM Radio online is that I can set my station presets and one of the tabbed windows shows my presets and what songs are currently playing on those stations.  Previously, with Musicmatch, I just set it to the alternative rock station and just listened to whatever they played, occasionally skipping a song that I didn’t care for.  I have only been using XM Radio online for about an hour now, but I think I am a convert.

Currently listening to: Blondie - Rapture on The 80’s channel

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