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I'm a little horse today... he he he

Published to Blog on 26 Oct 2004

Sorry, it’s an old (and very bad) joke and I couldn’t resist.

Seriously, I am very hoarse today because I spent last night at Paul Brown Stadium watching the Cincinnati Bengals kick some Denver Bronco butt on Monday Night Football!  Apparently I must have yelled a bunch.  It was a blast; that was the most fun I’ve ever had at a football game.  Winning is good.  I have to tell you that we stood (as did most of the crowd) for the entire game - we sat down during halftime and a few times during TV timeouts, but for the most part we stood.  And it was great.

Hosting a Monday Night Football game is probably not all that big of a deal to the rest of the country, but here in Cincinnati it was the first one in 14 years.  We were well overdue.  And from all the tailgating and partying going on before the game, anyone could plainly see that it was much appreciated.  It was the biggest party that I have ever seen. Talk about a great way to bring a city together.

Just hanging with some friends, drinking some beers, and watching football.  Nice.

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