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"I want to atrieve my car!"

Published to Blog on 20 Oct 2004

This version of the story is pretty funny, but the one being shown on the local news is hilarious even though it doesn’t cast a very nice light on Miami University (my alma mater BTW).

Apparently the guy got drunk, forgot where he put his car, decided the police must have towed it, and then called 911 seven times to complain and curse. 

A local news station showed the transcripts from the 911 calls and apparently the guy was really ticked off about the police towing his car and he was really drunk.  The first thing that he said was that he wanted to “atrieve” his car and he used that exact word more than once. Granted the guy was impaired, but I have no idea what “atrieve” means and neither does  I don’t know if the school is going to take disciplinary action against the guy, but they ought to suspend him for using terrible grammar and sounding like a dumb ass on local television.  His Mom and Dad should take similar action.

Then to top things off the local news crew interviewed 2 other Miami seniors who said that there really isn’t anything to do in Oxford other than drink.  They said that basically everyone goes out and gets drunk every night.  I take exception to that statement.  There’s plenty of stuff to do in Oxford - there’s lots of restaurants, bars, and a bowling alley… I stand corrected.

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