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In dire need of an Xbox ???

Published to Blog on 30 Dec 2004

If you are like me and didn’t get that Xbox you wanted for Christmas, you probably have been searching high and low for one since.

After searching EVERY local store this week that might even carry video game hardware and checking all the major online retailers that I could think of (Walmart, Amazon, Sears, EBGames, etc.) I came up with a big fat nothing.  I even thought for a brief second about Ebay, but dismissed that quickly since the prices are skyrocketing there because they are not available anywhere else. 

I basically took the last two weeks of the year off and I was looking forward to getting an Xbox for Christmas because I would have plenty of time to play it this week.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) I do not get much time to play PS2 and other video games much anymore - just too busy.  I thought I might have a week of nirvana, but the supply did not meet my demand.

Amazingly, I found them available at Amazon yesterday, though.  I had checked earlier in the week and they were out, but yesterday they had some in stock.  I quickly placed my order and paid for 1-day shipping so I could get it before the weekend.  I start back to work Monday and at least wanted to have some time to play with my new toy!  Doubtful that it could be really happening, I decided I would wait until the thing shipped before I got really amped about it.  I checked this morning and my order has shipped!  So I decided to spread the good news.

UPDATE: I just checked Amazon and they are out of stock again.  I hope that if you wanted one that you got one.  If not, maybe the best bet would be to sign up for an email from Amazon when they become available.  Unless you have an insider at your local Best Buy that will let you know when they get a shipment.

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  • On 30 Dec 2004 "Clark"" said:
    Hope you aren't too disappointed. I had my first xbox experience this weekend and was less than impressed. I played HALO 2 and it looked good, but the controls are slow and hard to adjust to for a mouse and keyboard user. Also, I thought I would catch a glipse of church, sarge and caboose, but they were nowhere to be found.
  • On 30 Dec 2004 "Dan Hounshell"" said:
    You, sir, are very adept at learning the use the mouse and keyboard with computer games. Though I have been playing games on computers for years and years, especially FPSs, I've always felt like a newb. I can never quite get used to using the keyboard and the mouse and having to use a bunch of other keys for special things. I'm okay for slower paced games, but not for most FPSs, which run real-time or super real-time. I've always wanted the ability to use a controller with those type of games. I've tried a couple of different ones with a computer, but never really found one that worked "right" - always driver issues, etc. I've never really played an FPS on a console system before, mostly because the graphics and the action just don't match up to what you see on a computer - and I'd feel like a second class citizen. So there is the rub - I love the rich graphics and gameoplay of an FPS on a computer, but I haven't been able to master the controls enough to actually enjoy the game beyond being an easy victim for other players. I'm hoping the Xbox will cure all that for me. I'll gladly accept slightly more simplified character control for the ease of using a control pad. I'll report back later this weekend and let you know what I think.