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Interested in Graffiti?

Published to Blog on 28 Apr 2008

Last week I had an IM conversation with a friend who was curious about Graffiti. I saved the conversation because I thought both the discussion and the links might be useful for others interested in Graffiti, too.

I did take some liberties with the following text: names were changed to protect the innocent, some irrelevant content was removed, and some of the content was edited for brevity. Without further ado…

FriendX : I’m trying to determine what CMS engine I should use for my new site, so I wanted to ask you about Graffiti

DanH : Of course I say use Graffiti !!!

DanH : I think Graffiti is awesome. There are ways to extend it and the community has built a lot of cool stuff already, especially around blogging.

DanH : Download it and give it a spin. And check out Josh Ledgard’s blog for tips and tricks

DanH : And check out Keyvan Nayyeri’s Graffiti Extras project:

DanH : And here is a post describing the Graffiti Blogging Extensions project -

DanH : Enough info yet?

FriendX : overload maybe. so it’s not just a blogging engine? I know Content management system… but I saw some posts by you about turning it into an ecommerce site. Can it be pretty much anything?

DanH : Yup. Can be pretty much anything - check out the new - built on Graffiti

FriendX : ooooh, it’s so purty. Wow this thing is nuts. hey look, training videos… cool

DanH : Definitely take a look at the site - tons of videos, documentation and other stuff on there.

DanH : Installation and maintenance are a breeze - really

FriendX : It’s just that, I really don’t want to build my own site. So Graffiti looked like the new hotness

DanH : I think I’ve used Graffiti for about four different sites now - all of them completely different and only 2 of the 4 were blogs.

FriendX : do you still have those site links?

DanH : yeah… hold on, let me dig them up.

DanH : the e-commerce site:

DanH : an ebay comparison shopping tool…

DanH : ugliest of them all, the RandomTweets blog…

DanH : I’m going to eventually migrate my blog off my CS sites to this:

FriendX : sweet thanks. they look good. Thanks for your help. I’m going to have to play around a bit

DanH : That’s the best way! No problem. Glad to help.

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