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Introducing Wednesday Night Football (WNF)

Published to Blog on 5 Oct 2006

This is the second year that some friends and I have competed in the Cincinnati Sports League’s Mens flag football league.  We play on Wednesday nights at Oakley Athletic Fields.

Last year we won our first game and lost our remaining 8 (or 9, but who’s counting?).

This year we’ve started off 0-3. We got blown out week one, last week we lost by a couple of scores, but then last night we were competitive. We lost 14-6 after trailing 14-0 and then just missing on a fourth down conversion with 10 seconds left in the game after driving 2/3rds of the field. It was a heart breaker, but we were all happy that we’re starting to come around.

There is a good reason we get beaten up on a lot. Most of the teams that play in these leagues are made up of young guys trying to recapture a little bit of glory or some other nonsense. Our team is made up of mostly a bunch of older guys who need some exercise and a reason to get together to drink beer. The average age of our team is probably somewhere around 35-36 (last year we had a 50 year-old). The average age of the rest of the teams is probably around 25-26. 

But we’re not complaining. We enjoy the company and the beer. It doesn’t bother us that there is a football game going on at the same time.

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