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IP Address - Chicken or Moan?

Published to Blog on 24 Aug 2007

I have used IPChicken for several years to quickly figure out what my public facing IP address is. I know that isn't very geeky, but it is very "webby" - maybe I'm more of a webophile than a true geek. But enough of my self-analysis... for me it was all about ease. It is very easy for me to remember "". To tell you the truth I can't even think of another way to look up my external IP address - that's how long I've been using the site.

This morning I was pointed to another site along the same vein, (WARNING: not very workplace friendly, especially if your speakers are turned up). Pretty clever.

I'm sure I'll stick with IPChicken, but it's good to know there are alternatives :)

Note to self: do not visit MoanMyIP any more today - once is more than enough... okay, 8 times is more than enough.

Dan Hounshell
Web geek, nerd, amateur maker. Likes: apis, node, mobile, motorcycles, watches, food, Nashville, Savannah, Cincinnati and family. Dislikes: mean people
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  • On 24 Aug 2007 Michael Eaton said:

    OMG!  That's awesome!

    BTW, I hadn't heard about IPChicken until earlier this year when a friend of mine mentioned it.  I always just hit my router to find my external IP. ;-)

  • On 24 Aug 2007 Anonymous said:

    Glad you like it, Mike. I knew a guy like you would appreciate such artistry!

  • On 24 Aug 2007 Randy McCluer said:

    I've always used

  • On 24 Aug 2007 James Shaw said:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. See, now I'm glad I'm stuck out here about the garage..btw, how did you find this Dan?

  • On 24 Aug 2007 Anonymous said:

    Randy, thanks for the additional option.

    James, nothing shady as you might be insinuating :). I actually found it via a post on the Self Made Minds blog this morning -

  • On 9 Sep 2007 y01nk said:

    too funny.

    "No hun, I AM working"

  • On 13 May 2008 haathi said:

    try to check the ip.