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John Boehner is not broken!

Published to Blog on 20 Nov 2006

Following the posting of my Google Adsense nightmare, I’d like to expand upon some points I raised about customer service.

In 1990 John Boehner (R), the recent House Majority Leader, was elected to the House of Representatives, 8th District of Ohio - my district.  In early 1993 I was finishing up a three year tour in Germany as a Sergeant in the US Army. I got orders to move back to the US to Ft Lewis, WA, to help fill out the 9th Infantry Regiment, which had just made a big move from Ft Ord, CA. From what I understand they were trying to hurriedly fill up any vacant slots so they would have the the unit fully in place and ready for deployment if necessary. I was told that no leaves were being allowed in conjunction with the relocation and I would have to go straight to Ft Lewis from Germany. After having spent three years in Germany without seeing my parents, siblings, and extended family I was rather pissed, but my family was really upset. It would probably be at least another year before I would get to see them again maybe longer.

My father, John, ended up contacting Representative Boehner’s staff who in turn launched a Congressional investigation. Within a day of learning about this I had new orders in my hands that entitled me to leave in conjunction with my transfer. That’s what I call getting things done!

Since that time I loyally vote for John Boehner every time I see his name on the ballot no matter who he may be running against and I try to tell the story for all who will listen. I don’t even look to see who else is on the ballot. I don’t care what office he runs for, his voting record, or any mistakes that he might make through his career. John Boehner is my man!

When I mentioned in my previous post that taking the time to fix something or going out of the way for a customer can invite extreme loyalty - the above is what I was talking about. Doing right by someone can win you a customer (or voter!) for life.

Dan Hounshell
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  • On 21 Jan 2009 "Chris Carrer"" said:
    Thank you, Dan! This man sounds like a great man who "gets it". I'm so proud to read about people like you who are so willing to sacrifice so much when most of us can't live without checking for a day.