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Jose on Morpheus

Published to Blog on 2 May 2007

Jose Lema, the leader of the free world - um, well, at least the leader of the Community Server dev team - reported today that he has started providing information about Morpheus. Morpheus is the codename for the membership, roles and profile updates to Community Server 2007.

While Morpheus is new to CS in general, I’ve been living with it for about six months now. By this time next week I will have migrated a couple of large Community Server sites from CS 2.1 through pre-release versions of Morpheus and finally to CS2007. Over time I’ve come to believe that I have a pretty good understanding of how it all works, but each time I get that comfortable feeling something new pops up. 

I, for one, am glad to see that he has an introduction in place and hope more information will soon follow. If you’d like to learn about Morpheus head over to the new Community Server documentation wiki and read Jose’s intro.

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