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Justice Gray on Chrome Domes

Published to Blog on 15 Sep 2006

The always controversial and sometimes correct (see his 10 keys to happiness), Justice Gray, reveals something new:

bald people cannot be trusted.  … bald people wander the earth with one purpose and one purpose only - to kill you and steal your sultry mane for their own”

 Hmmm. That may explain a few things. I wonder what my “friend”, Tim Burke, has to say about this?

Dan Hounshell
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  • On 16 Sep 2006 "Justice~!"" said:
    I noticed that Tim Burke's picture crops off the top part of his cranium. Could it be that Tim Burke has something to hide??? I would say that the crazed "I am going to eat your scalp for dinner" look that he has in that picture pretty much backs me up anyway...;)
  • On 31 Jan 2007 "Tim Burke (yeah, that Tim Burke)"" said:
    Yes, it's true, bald people cannot be trusted. Look at me... I've had that Sh*t eating grin since I started loosing my hair around age 19. Coincidentally, that's when I met my wife. By the time I got married at age 23, it was time to trim off that bird fuzz, and go with a style I had seen Bruce Willis move to (another untrustworthy bald man)... the short cropped head, with compensating chin hair. According to Depeche Mode, you have to "keep the balance right". But trust me... Its much easier to style than your long locks... and I just towel and go in the morning (with a bit of SPF embedded skin lotion on top to keep the shine alive). BTW, our company's kiosk software and hardware offerings are really taking off. We are currently working on kiosks for Verizon Wireless, Citrucel, and a nationally known hospital. We are exhibiting at this year which is in Vegas late April. Should be a big one!! The self service and kiosk industry is growing leaps and bounds. Now we just have to get our booth designed, and our much neglected web site redesigned (always the way of things for web / software companies... so busy doing billable work, we can't get our own site revamped!!) Dan, you are one of those people in my past who always stikes me as a stand up guy. The guy you wanna have a beer with and just shoot the breeze. Certainly a good influence on me during our tenures at SharkBytes. Bring on the bald man jokes! I can take 'em and dish them out. -)
  • On 31 Jan 2007 """ said:
    Tim, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad to hear business is good. Oh, you know I'd never pass up an opportunity to share a beer with a friend! I'll ping you next time I see you on IM so we can catch up a bit. I don't get down your way much anymore, but next time I do I'll ring you up. I haven't checked out your offices yet.