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Published to Blog on 4 Jun 2014

When you decide that you want to do some work on your beloved Kia yourself but do not own a service manual then head on over to Simply create an account and look up the procedure for whatever it is you want to do. Amazingly they have an online version of their factory service manuals that looks to me to be 100% complete.

Pro Tips:

  • In my experience when printing directions for a specific procedure Google Chrome does not render any images or sometimes just the first one. Firefox renders them all fine though.
  • Read through the full list of instructions before going off to your garage to start getting your hands dirty. It may include one or many lines like “Remove alternator (See section EE: Alternator)”. You will have to browse to the specified section and print those instructions separately.
  • You may find maintenance instructions for smaller things like changing a belt included in a section titled General, Troubleshooting, Repair, Installation, or something else. Some of the pages will be broken up into sections for Removal and then Installation and finally small maintenance tasks last. Or sometimes those smaller tasks are listed first. It can take a little bit of looking but you will eventually find what you need.
  • Follow the instructions. Do not think, like I did, “There is no reason for me to loosen those water pump pulley bolts now, I can get to them much easier after the belts are off and all this other stuff around it is removed”. Unfortunately after the belts are off and all the other stuff is removed there is nothing providing tension on the pulley to allow you to loosen the bolts. The instructions are there in a specific order for a reason.

I have used instructions from the Kiatechinfo site to change a CV axle, change the water pump and timing belt, replace the rear hatch (after a small boo-boo) and several other smaller maintenance jobs for my 2005 Kia Spectra5 with just over 100,000 miles on it. It is nice to have a manufacturer support its customers by providing documentation rather than forcing them to purchase factory service manuals or worse buy something from other publishers, like Chilton’s, etc.

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