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Know anyone waiting in line for an iPhone right now?

Published to Blog on 29 Jun 2007

Standing in line for the iPhoneAre you waiting in line for an iPhone right now? Do you know anyone who is?

I know of a couple friends who plans to head down to the Apple store after work, but I don’t know of any friends/colleagues who are currently standing in line.

I have not checked (in fact I have not been outside today), but I would guess that the lines around here (somewhere between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio) are not nearly as long as the lines in NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised to drive by the local AT&T/Cingular store and see no line at all. I might have to think of something that I need from the mall just so I can drive by and check.

I’m anxious to see whether these things will really change the game or if they’re just another gadget.

Dan Hounshell
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  • On 30 Jun 2007 "Ryan Hamilton"" said:
    I got in line yesterday at about 4 and was the 106th person in line. I was home playing with it by 640. I have yet to put it down. It is gorgeous and intuitive device that makes all other phones look like a Zack Morris Phone. I'll spare you from my fanboy rant and write more on my own site. P.S. I wrote this from my iPhone
  • On 30 Jun 2007 """ said:
    I'm glad you like it so far, Ryan. I can't wait to hear the in-depth review. So the store you went to yesterday had at least 100 phones, probably more? Wow. I can't wait to hear what the first day sales figures are for these things.