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Lan and Deon #1

Published to Blog on 9 Jul 2008

Hopefully the first of many...

Not that there is anything wrong with tramp stamps. Just not on Deon.


Dan Hounshell
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  • On 9 Jul 2008 Leon said:

    That Deon guy's got an awesome hat. :)

  • On 9 Jul 2008 Steve said:


  • On 9 Jul 2008 Rich said:

    Hey! I know I guy like that.  But his name is Leon so it must be someone completely different.

  • On 9 Jul 2008 Dan Hounshell said:

    Rich, yes it's a completely different fictional guy :)

  • On 9 Jul 2008 Tim said:

    The characters in this cartoon seem oddly familiar. I can't quite put my finger on it, though...hmmm...

  • On 9 Jul 2008 Dan Hounshell said:

    Tim, again they're all purely fictional :)