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Lunch Walk 2

Published to Blog on 23 Oct 2007

Yesterday’s post brought enough “atta boys” and amateur renditions of Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath my Wings” that there is no way for me to back out now.

My walk partner today is the lovely Belle - the most scared dog in the world.
Here she’s wondering if the car driving towards us is full of bad guys or not.
Flight instinct is about to kick in. She actually didn’t do too badly other than the
occasional jump at random sounds of nothing.

It’s a quiet, overcast, cool, drizzly day today in middle America.

There wasn’t much else that was worth a picture. I’ll try to do better the rest of the week. I’ve noticed some nice Halloween displays and one house had a huge Jack-O-Lantern. I took a shot of it yesterday, but it didn’t turn out well. I’ll target that for tomorrow.

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  • On 23 Oct 2007 "Joe Wirtley"" said:
    Must not be raining in Monroe as much as it is in Springboro. I would have gotten wet on a lunch walk... looking forward to more pictures tomorrow.
  • On 23 Oct 2007 """ said:
    Joe, it rained all morning and it rained all afternoon. Fortunately for me there was about a 45 minute window around noon where it did not rain. The big guy upstairs controlling the weather knows that I need the exercise.
  • On 24 Oct 2007 "James Shaw"" said:
    I walk every day too - with the missus and the dogs - but at 630am its too dark to take pictures. )
  • On 24 Oct 2007 "James Shaw"" said:
    ok, but I forgot to mention one KEY tip for working at home.. once a week, go out to lunch with the wife. go to a restaurant or just to subway, change it up every week, but that 60-90 minutes is very cool, like a date. Set an appointment, same day, same time each week. If she works, drive to pick her up. I do mine at 1130 because of our 1pm call )
  • On 24 Oct 2007 """ said:
    Great tip, James.
  • On 24 Oct 2007 "Terri Morton"" said:
    It was Chicago, and "You're the Inspiration". Get it straight. -P There's only one problem with James' suggestion He has forgotten that we have babies. Kind of dampens the whole lunch date thing. Keep it up!
  • On 25 Oct 2007 """ said:
    Of course it was Chicago - I was just taking some creative liberties in telling the story. Bette Midler and "Wind beneath my wings" sounded a little bit funnier! I agree on the baby thing. I thought about raising that point, too. Then again, if it wasn't for lunch time rendezvous I probably wouldn't have the baby to worry about!