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Mini Opera - even on my phone !

Published to Blog on 25 Jan 2006

Yesterday afternoon, Ryan, who is the biggest gadget guy I know, comes running into my office holding his cell phone out in front of him, "Opera released a browser for cell phones! It doesn't use WAP, WML, etc - it just browses HTML.   On almost any cell phone!" 

Within minutes, I had gone to on my phone, downloaded and installed the new browser, and was browsing a site to see how well it worked or didn't.  Wasn't too bad, actually.  A hell of a lot better than the WAP browser included in my Samsung phone.  Now I may actually do some browsing on my phone from time to time without the session ending in total frustration.

Good job Opera - you actually beat both Google and Mozilla to the punch.  Kudos.

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    • On 26 Jan 2006 DOK said:

      KUDOS Team!!!