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More Community Server fun

Published to Blog on 17 Feb 2006

I previously reported on my experience installing and modding this site, built on Community Server, to meet my needs.

This week I made another modification - I installed the MetaBlog API for CS 1.1 so I could post to the site using various external tools.  My current tool of choice is the Performancing plugin for Firefox.  It is really convenient to create a post when I find something worthwhile while browsing.  I haven’t created a post from the admin section of this site in over a week - everything has been from within Firefox.

The other tool I wanted to use is the “Post to Weblog” tool from within the Outlook version of Newsgator.  I am still using Newsgator even though I previously vowed to find another aggregator (more on this later).  I thought it would be really convenient to create a post from within Newsgator when I read something from someone else’s blog that I wanted to post about.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found a plugin or other instructions that will work with Community Server, though I haven’t looked very hard - I could be missing something.  I tried to use the .Text plug-in, thinking that it might be close enough to work, but unfortunately I haven’t gotten it to work yet.

The new Community Server release, version 2.0, is scheduled for release this Monday - I can’t wait.

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